The Possession Of Hannah Grace – Horror Movie Review

An terrorizing plot and gory visuals are what this horror movie is all about. The Possession of Hannah Grace is a drab as it does not live up to the expectation of a horror fan. Here is our horror movie review of this flick that looked like it came straight out of the premise of Autopsy of Jane Doe.

Horror Movie Review
The Possession of Hannah Grace
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Premise of The Horror Movie

The Possession Of Hannah Grace had a perfectly spooky premise, and they really did not have to make much effort in that department. I mean, the protagonist who was suffering from depression ends up taking a night shift at the morgue. Can it get spookier than this?

The Possession of Hannah Grace – Official Trailer

Now, there are couple of cliches in the premise:

  • The protagonist has a blockage- she could not shoot down a criminal and he shot her partner down. The incident that haunts her forever. So, we know for sure that the climax has something to do with the protagonist picking up the gun and shooting down something. Yawn!
  • The movie starts bang with a scene of exorcism. Yawn… seen there and seen that! It was not much of a great opening either.
  • There is a hooded guy who appears mysteriously outside the door of the morgue. He enters the facility pretty easily and we know it is the girl’s father. Buff, isn’t that similar to the opening scene of the 2013 Evil Dead?
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Hannah Grace, the dead girl, looks plain creepy but she also resembles Deborah Logan from the movie Taking of Deborah Logan. Perhaps, a niece of the old lady Logan? What’s worse is that most part of the film looks like scenes from Autopsy of Jane Doe, except that this one is not that interesting as the other one.

Thirty minutes down the film, you are really expecting some big horror sequence and there is just build up and build up that leads to nothing but disappointment. If you are continually searching for the extraordinary panic; in any case, I need to concede that it isn’t that simple to make your skin creep or your bones to bounce.

The Possession of Hannah Grace is a blood and gore movie, that is perhaps the only area where the film should get full score. The BGM doesn’t really work for me. I believe something like an Insidious or The Ring should be the standard when it comes to BGM. This one just doesn’t live upto expectations. And most importantly, what the hell was Stana Katic doing in this horror movie? Was her role even justified? Was she just supposed to do cameo that had no importance absolutely.

Horror Movie Review Verdict – It is a one time watch and then you would probably never watch it again. Honest opinion, no hard feelings!

Rating : 5/10

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