The Death Game

A Horror Story by Madhavi Dwivedi

Are you crying?

“No, I am not crying.I am just missing you and want you back” I wrote. I waited for sometime to get a reply but didn’t got any so I just asked the reason for committing suicide. I was shivering. My handwriting wasn’t clear. My hands were shaking. I could barely hold the pen as it seemed to be very heavy for me. The diary asked me if I was scared. I didn’t respond to this question but asked my question again, “WHY DID YOU COMMIT SUICIDE, WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME ALONE, WHAT WAS MY FAULT?”

In reply I could see a tear droplet on the page which resisted me from writing anything else. The diary slammed hard and brought me to the real world out of my thoughts and gave me really creepy vibes. i could sense somebody’s presence in Laura’s room. I could sense thos chills in my body, running from tip to toe. I whispered her name with great fear. Suddenly, my phone rang. i was shocked to see the name flashing on the screen, it was Laura. It freaked me out, I bursted into cold sweat. The phone was still ringing, I picked up the phone call, it was Laura’s voice. I cried. She asked me to turn around if I wanted to know about her suicide scene. I couldn’t stop myself from turning around. I cried with fear, I saw my dead sister sitting on her favourite antique wooden chair which was placed beside the window. I could see Laura crying. She got up and tied the rope from the ceiling fan. she hung herself but she was alive. She called my name with a shreiking voice. I heared my voice saying, “I am tired Laura, I am not coming, I’ll talk to you in the morning”. I saw Laura whispering ” I need you Nicki, please come and save me, I am dying. It’s just a phase of life and now it has come, it will go away soon. why I  did so?” She was gasping for air and soon she was dead. I saw myself coming in the room and screaming at the top of my voice.

After this flashback, I cried non stop but that couldn’t bring my Laura back. I felt ashamed. Ifelt sorry for Laura. I could have saved her but didn’t. I am responsible for her death so now I dont have any right to live, thinking this I also commited suicide. If I wouldn’t have done this foolishness, me and Laura both would have been alive. 

By the way, it’s awfully hilarious that the same dead person is writing this story.  

The story won first position in the India’s Most Haunted horror story writing competition organized by DAV Public School, Gurgaon. All characters and opinions are the writer’s own.

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