The legend that inspired Blockbuster horror movies

There was a time in Bangalore when people started writing Naale Baa on the front doors of their houses. What is this Naale Baa? Was there any truth to the so-called vengeful spirit or was it just another rumor gone wild?

Naale Baa Haunting of Bangalore

Some people believe that a banjaran (gypsy) was wronged and her spirit is after the men who did that to her. Others believe that the woman was a bride who is looking for her husband. She knocked on the door of a house and if answered, the earning-member vanished! Well, that is quite the tale from the 1990s when men (especially in the rural areas) were the sole breadwinner in the family and women were confined to performing domestic duties.

Typical things about this spirit

The spirit comes out only after sunset, never in the daylight. It is malevolent according to people and brings bad luck to the household that it visits. As per rumors, the spirit calls out to the breadwinner of the house in a sweet and lustful voice. If they succumb to their lechery, then they respond to the knocks on their door. When men look into her eyes, she puts them into a trance from they never return, or so they say.

So, people started writing Naale Baa on the doors, and the spirit would spare the house for the night. Pretty convenient, isn’t it? Well, there is a scene in the movie Stree where the characters wonder if the spirit is educated, since she can read what is written on the door.

Real or Rumor?

In his recent article on Bangalore Mirror, writer K. Hari Kumar shares his experience and thoughts on the Naale Baa incident:

I was only 5 years old and we had moved to the garden city when there were rumors of a woman’s spirit who haunted the doorsteps of every house after sunset. Door knocks are heard, then a familiar voice calling out. If a man opens the door, he disappears! People started to write Naale Ba (come tomorrow) outside their houses. Ooh, sounds like a blockbuster movie that you saw in a multiplex? Indeed, it is the very same legend that inspired the movie. So, was this a real incident of haunting or just another rumor started by someone to keep kids (or their fathers) inside their houses after sunset? If this was the case, then it worked wonders on me and my friends. We would run back home after sunset, only to come out the next day for school. We moved to Delhi, the following year, and I could never personally encounter the spirit.

K. Hari Kumar, writer of India’s Most Haunted on Bangalore Mirror
Naale Baa Haunting of Bangalore

In India’s Most Haunted, writer K. Hari Kumar tells a unique tale about a man in his forties who has an encounter with the dreaded spirit. Will he survive or will he succumb to the lure of the unknown?

You can check out a sample preview from the book below:

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