Khooni Naala – Haunted place of Kashmir

Kashmir is symbolic with visuals of natural beauty emanating from the valley, lakes, mountains etc. But there is a also a haunted place in the highway that passes through Banihal tunnel. The place which is known as Khooni Naala.

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Creaky and old places are centers of paranormal activities. Add to it a highway that passes through mountains and tunnels, which bring a pinch of claustrophobia to the psyche. Tunnels have always been associated with death and decay. It was difficult to build tunnels in the olden days, and people who were involved in its construction lost their lives by coming under huge rocks or by suffocation. Add to that highways haunted by a lady’s ghost, and we will have Kashmir’s haunted Khooni Naala.

Khooni Naala

Khooni Nala, got that name due to the number of road accidents that have happened here since the time it came into existence. Different people give different versions but everything points to the same – that the stretch of road is haunted by paranormal entities. Few claims by people who have survived accidents are as follows:

  • A woman in black saree with a baby who asks for lift. If people don’t stop then they meet with an accident because of her curse.
  • A woman who appears suddenly in front of passing cars, and jumps on the windshield with inverted feet. Throwing off cars with shock.
  • A woman who morphs into a tigress and pounces on the windshield.
  • Whispering sounds of a woman asking for help from the backseat when traveling alone.

There has been no proof of any of these accounts and they appear to be rumors. However, the khooni naala has inspired one of the stories in K. Hari Kumar’s book India’s Most Haunted published by HarperCollins.

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