Devil Flower and a Piece of Rock

Kerala, the small state in the Southwestern tip of India is a land of natural beauty. Apart from the lush greenery and coconut growth, the region is also famous for haunted places and spine-chilling folklore. Every nook and corner of the interiors have some or the other tales of haunting. I am going to talk about a supposedly haunted place in Kerala.

My Grandmother’s recollection of a Haunted Place in Kerala

My native place is a small village in the Thrissur district of Kerala. It is a good 25 miles away from the bustling city and the nights here are quite scary, especially during the rains. There is a particular wooded area near my old family house which was believed to he haunted. Of course, there are no proofs to support the beliefs. And the accounts of haunting are at least 70-80 years old when the region was still going through the feudal era. Maybe the ghosts are gone too just like the feudal practices of the time. My grandmother sometimes recollects the incident and narrates it to me, even now.

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The Story of the Yakshi’s

Once there was a caretaker at my great-grandfather’s estate. During those days, the source of entertainment in the region were the occasional Kathakali performances that were organized in the temples. These dance programs used to run till late in the night. One such night, after the program, when the caretaker was returning home, he had to pass through the wooded area which had a huge tree in the middle of it. The tree was known to be inhabited by a Yakshi (blood sucking enchantress). As soon as he passed this devil tree, he started hearing sounds of anklets, and the temperatures dropped with the rising cool breeze. He didn’t want to turn back as he knew that doing so would put an end to his life. So, he kept walking without turning back. But was he able to make it alive?


Inspired from her accounts, I have written about it in the short story ‘The Devil’s Tree and a Piece of Rock‘ in my upcoming big book of horror stories. You can read about this haunted place in detail in the book. I will talk more about Yakshi in another post. If you liked this short article, then please share it.

Haunted Place in Kerala

If you have stories of yakshis, then tell me in the comments section.

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