Haunted Places in India

Horror stories, folklore, rumors from different parts of India about ghosts, demons and everything paranormal. India’s top horror and psychological thriller writer, K Hari Kumar, writes about Haunted places in India in a book which is the biggest collection of its kind in a single volume.

India's Most Haunted is a bestselling book written by K Hari Kumar and published by HarperCollins
A Haunted Place in kerala thrissur

Devil Flower and a Piece of Rock

Kerala, the small state in the Southwestern tip of India is a land of natural beauty. Apart from the lush greenery and coconut growth, the region is also famous for haunted places and spine-chilling folklore. Every nook and corner of the interiors have some or the other tales of haunting. I am going to talk about a supposedly haunted place in Kerala.

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South Park Cemetery Kolkata Haunted

Walking among the tombstones

Cemeteries, Crematoriums, graveyards are just different names, but they serve the same purpose- give a gateway to the dead. Incidents of paranormal activity in such places have flustered people all over the world. From the Jewish cemetery in Chendamangalam to Haunted Kolkata Cemetery called the South Park Cemetery- they all have such stories to tell.

Haunted Bhangarh - is it a myth or reality?

The Haunting of Bhangarh – Myth or Reality?

Whenever someone talks about India’s Most Haunted place, the first name that comes to the mind is the Bhangarh fort in Rajasthan. Isn’t it? Does this place really have transparent figures in white that follow you, whisper in your ears and the moment you turn around, they vanish? Are these myths true or is there something secretive happening behind the forbidden walls of the fort? Read on to know…


Kalki to play lead in horror web series written by K. Hari Kumar

The success of the web series Made In Heaven behind her, Kalki Koechlin is set to feature in a psychological thriller, Bhram. Sangeeth Sivan’s digital offering has been inspired by Hari Kumar K’s book, The Other Side Of Her.

Khooni Naala

Khooni Naala – Haunted place of Kashmir

Kashmir is symbolic with visuals of natural beauty emanating from the valley, lakes, mountains etc. But there is a also a haunted place in the highway that passes through Banihal tunnel. The place which is known as Khooni Naala.