Haunted Sarkari Bungalow or Negative Rumors?

The story of a ghost haunting a politician’s mansion is one of the most widely read and loved stories. Yes, we are taking about Oscar Wilde’s The Canterville Ghost. But what about those sarkari bungalows which are haunted in real? Many politicians do not dare to enter such houses, while some dare to break the shackles of age-old myths. Today, horror writer K. Hari Kumar is going to look at two such sarkari haunted bungalow in India which are supposed to be India’s Most Haunted.

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In the beginning…

Last year, just a month before I started working on the manuscript of India’s Most Haunted, I was going through The Times of India’s website and found an interesting article which inspired me to write a story in my book, almost a year later.

There are many buildings of political importance that are believed to be haunted, the most recent example is the bungalow in Delhi which became the headquarters for Delhi government’s policy planning unit. The BBC covered a story on the bungalow located at Shamnath Marg in Civil Lines. I am glad that modern politicians like Ashish Khetan are rubbishing superstitions and paving way for a rational generation. But then there are others who still believe in myths and rumors.

Haunted Bungalow of Warrangal

The urban collector’s house in Warrangal is one such place. As per the report in the news article, there is a haunting presence in the house. People who have lived there advise not to sleep on the first floor as they believe there is a ghost who haunts the place. The wife of George Palmer, an engineer during the Nizam’s rule, had laid house’s foundation stone. So, the house is old. And anything old buildings come with their own set of problems like leaking ceilings, paint peeling off walls etc.

The Haunted Bungalow in Warrangal – Image source – Times Of India

Haunted Bungalow of Delhi

In the case of the bungalow in Shamnath Marg, is believed to be built in the 1920s. It is a huge building and its proximity to the Vidhan Sabha (Legislative Assembly) made it the ideal candidate for the residence of Delhi’s Chief Minister. Ch. Bhramaprakash was the first occupant in 1952. However, the occupants lost their positions prematurely which made way for rumors that claimed the house was jinxed for political aspirations. After the 90s, the bungalow had no takers at all. The one who came in 2003 succumbed to illness and died suddenly. Thus, sparking the rumors again.

Real Haunted Bungalow or Negative Rumors affecting psyche?

Haunted Bungalow

Are these buildings really haunted or are people just succumbing to negative rumors? Ghost may or may not be bad but Negative rumor is a terrible thing. Such rumors can dynamically influence the thought process of those who are vulnerable. It could even lead people to see or hear things that are actually not present. Does it sound familiar? Sounds like a rumor of a ghost haunting the attic of an old bungalow?

Regardless of its nature, such news and rumors inspired the horror writer in me to pen down a story in my book India’s Most Haunted. This is the story of a collector who comes to live in the Haunted Bungalow. You can read about it in my book.

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