The Haunting of Bhangarh – Myth or Reality?

Whenever someone talks about India’s Most Haunted place, the first name that comes to the mind is the Bhangarh fort in Rajasthan. Isn’t it? Does this place really have transparent figures in white that follow you, whisper in your ears and the moment you turn around, they vanish? Are these myths true or is there something secretive happening behind the forbidden walls of the fort? Read on to know…

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The Ascetic’s Condition

This majestic fort is in Alwar, built by Bhagwant Das for his son Madho Singh. Before building this fort, the king had to take permission from a sage called Balak Nath, who put a condition that fort should not cast a shadow over shelter. Therefore, the roofs of the houses in the fortress should not be taller than his shelter. Later when this condition was broken, the sage cursed the place to become roofless. Even to this day, it is believed that if a roof is built in the area, it will come down due to some or the other reason. And soon, the place was deserted by the people. Now, that was one story which doesn’t really send a chill down your spine. There is another version which is a little more scary.

India's most haunted place is Bhangarh by K Hari Kumar
Image source : Wikipedia

Curse of the Tantric

The curse of Sinhai (the tantric) is more famous. Once there lived a princess called Ratnavati in the fort. She was known to be very beautiful and suitors from far and wide came bowing down for an alliance with the beautiful princess. The tantric was well versed in black magic and vashikaran. He tried to win her heart, but failed. So, one day he sent a love potion to her, consuming which she would surrender to his intentions. However, the princess came to know about the sorcerer’s intention. She throw away the bottle and hit a rock, which rolled down and crushed the tantric. The tantric in his dying breath cursed the entire region and soon after there was a battle and the kingdom was crushed in defeat. Many lost lives and the remnants deserted the place.

The Hauntings of Bhangarh by K Hari Kumar
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Haunted Bhangarh – Truth or Myth?

Even today, the place is rumored to be haunted by the spirits of the dead. Some believe that the tantric’s spirit still haunts the place and anyone who dares to enter the fort after sunset is tormented by the spirit. Rumors also mention that people who have dared to go in after sunset never returned, though there is no substantial evidence for these claims.

Paranormal Activities in Bhangarh Fort:

  • Bizarre noises after sunset
  • Apparitions sighted by tourists
  • Suicide attempts (rumors)
  • Tourists start seeing a different time in flashes
  • Vigorous knocks on the doors
  • Screams of the tantric as well as of the Princess

How many of these are actually true, nobody knows. If this place is really haunted, then it must be investigated. However, there is a signboard outside issued by the Archaeological Survey of India which forbids entering the fort after sunset, and makes it a punishable offence.

The question is… WHY? Is there something ghostly in the fort or is there any secret that is hidden from the public?

The Hauntings of Bhangarh Fort – India’s Most Haunted
Image Source – Wikipedia

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