Hanging Coffins

A horror short story by Taaran Chandna
Class 11th-A (science), Jaypee public school

“Old is gold is a feeling not just words”. Once upon a time in a town named Sagada located in Philippines there lived the Richards family who were considered as the most royal and modern family in the town. Sagadan people have a very orthodox mind whenever any member of the family of the natives die they do not bury the dead but they put the dead bodies into coffins and tie up on the cliffs , limestone walls of caves found there. They did so because they believed that the dead one will be more closer to ancestral spirits. Everything was going good in the town but on Christmas of 1930 Alejandro lost his father Mr. grey Richards. Alejandro was completely in shock after his fathers death. Whole family was disturbed as Mr. grey was just 65 and heart attack took him away from everyone. Alejandro and his uncle Mr. john Richards decided that they would not follow local and old culture and rather than hanging the coffin they would burry it in the soil of the graveyard.. After all the customs and rituals when Richards came back to there house they saw something which made there mouths opened. They couldn’t close their eyes as the whole walls of the house were painted with blood and everywhere it was written “GRANDPA IS ANGRY!!” with blood. After seeing this Alejandro immediately called the police but the moment when Alejandro called the police the walls cleaned automatically. The atmosphere of the house changed within seconds.. Alejandro was really upset so he went to take a shower to fight with his low feeling. As soon he turned the knob of shower the lights started flickering, sounds of laughter started in background, the sound wasn’t just laughter it was Alejandros grandfathers laughter and he was saying again and again “MODERN! MODERN!”.

Alejandro fainted in the shower only . After seeing that no voice is coming from the washroom Alejandros uncle kicked and opened the door of the washroom and found Alejandro lying down under the shower. His full body was covered with blood. There was not even a single wound but his whole body turned red just because of the blood. All family members picked up Alejandro from the floor cleaned him with dry cloth and they saw something which amazed them.  Alejandros body was covered with writings in which it was written “GRANDPA’S CURSE”. Tired with all this when Alejandros mother went to bed. She saw a nightmare in which she saw a person sitting across a road under a lamp whose lights were flickering., the person was crying with tears of blood and all ancestors were on the roofs of the houses along the road. All these ancestors of the Richard family were howling and shouting “WE WANT JUSTICE”. This made her realize the mistake they have made with the burry of coffin into the graveyard so she tells this to everyone the very next day they all went to the father of the nearby church. So the father tells that the ancestors are angry with you all because you all separated the soul from his elder family spirits. Richards took the coffin from the land and hanged it on the cliff like other coffins and were feeling relaxed after they sorted this out. This made them realize that some beliefs are good unchanged. 

The story was submitted by the writer as part of India’s Most Haunted horror story writing competition organized by DAV Public School, Gurgaon. The views and opinions in the story are the writer’s own.

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