Probability of a Double Demonic Possession

An interesting situation that can be hypothesized on the basis of testimonials from subjects who have undergone demonic possession or witnessed it in another person directly.

K. Hari Kumar

Assuming that it is a real case of demonic possession, the tantric (Indian exorcist) performing exorcism must identify the nature of the entity possessing the person- if it is the spirit of a mortal or an demonic entity. Unlike as it is shown in Hollywood movies, a demon of Indic origin cannot be exorcised by Latin chants and vice versa. Many tantrics in India use Sanskrit as the medium of communication. Although an imam will use Arabic to ward off jinns. So, goes the popular belief.

Demonic Possession of property

A ghost or demon possessing a house is doing so because it is attached to the property. It will not allow any soul to trespass (generally speaking). If such a person who is possessed by a demon were to stay at a house haunted by an evil ghost, then the following possibilities may occur:

  • The ghost and the demon may not co-exist and they would fight against each other in a bid to prove supremacy. Since the ghost would like trespassing, it will try its best to ward off the demon.
  • A demon in Hindu (folklore) beliefs is not something that would like to be confined or imprisoned. It loves freedom and likes to move around in open jungles etc. Thus, it will not prefer to be in a house as essentially it will be a form of confinement. It will back out on its own.
  • It is also possible that the two dark forces might join hands when strong religions tantra is performed to ward them off. As they say an enemy’s enemy is a friend. The human host is its enemy, then it would be difficult to fight a tag team of the paranormal entities.
Double Demonic Possession in India as explained by K Hari Kumar - India's top horror writer and paranormal researcher.
The Probability of Double Demonic Possession
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Double Possession from a rational point of view

 Demonic possession should first be verified by a licensed doctor. If there are symptoms of psychosis or DID then treatment should be given, and sometimes the patient is so engrossed in such thoughts that we might have to stage a fake exorcism just to get the patient’s mind off the possession. A classic example takes place in the Malayalam Feature film Manichitratazhu (Bhool Bhulaiyya in Hindi and Chandramukhi in Tamil).

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